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Support for early-stage tech founders

Here are some key learnings from our recent collaboration with Planes Studio. They have shared some insights and helpful resources to support early-stage tech founders. And if you only take away one thing, remember: Move in small steps! What’s the next best thing you can do today? Advice on the app development process 🎲 Support […]

VC insights from office hours

Venture capitalists (VCs) invest money into early-stage businesses to help them grow. We sat down with some of our members and asked a VC some questions about how it all works.

Financing Your Startup for Growth

We know that navigating the world of financing and funding can be a daunting and challenging experience for startups. In our recent masterclass ‘Financing Your Start Up for Growth’ Emmie Faust, together with a team of experts, took a deep dive into some of the funding options available to founders. Loans will likely require a […]

Angel Investment vs VC Funding 

For female founders one of the biggest challenges is fundraising, finding the right investors, and knowing how to navigate the investment world. For Mae Yip , co-founder of ERIC, a Gen Z Career app breaking down the barriers to creative industries, she has learned the hard way.  In a recent online event hosted by Female Founders Rise with Emmie Faust , Mae […]

Female Founders and Impact-led Businesses

Did you know that female-led firms achieve higher environmental, social and governance scores? Higher ESG scores attest to the broader benefits female-led businesses can generate (see research). There are literally thousands of impact-led businesses run by women and over the coming months, we will do our best to start highlighting some, starting today with a […]