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Empowering Female Founders of Tomorrow : Announcing the Basics of Entrepreneurship Program.

Welcome to our program designed for female and non-binary students in higher education who are eager to learn about business and entrepreneurship from scratch.


No previous knowledge is necessary! Join our new, innovative program to kickstart your journey into the business world and discover what it takes to become a founder. At the crossroads of ambition and opportunity, we aim to cultivate the potential in the next generation of female business leaders.

We’re excited to help you in starting your entrepreneurial journey and building a dynamic community of young entrepreneurs. FFR is launching ‘Basics of Entrepreneurship,’ and everyone’s welcome.

Our mission is straightforward: to empower you with valuable insights from successful women and experts who have navigated the entrepreneurial landscape. Learn from accomplished female founders, experienced investors, and industry experts.

This program goes beyond building business skills; it’s about boosting your confidence, honing your communication, and nurturing your passion for entrepreneurship. Whether you aspire to launch your own business or are simply curious about the basics of getting started, this program is perfect for you.


Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store for you:

Weekly Webinars

Join us every week for interactive webinars where we will explore the essentials of entrepreneurship. Participate, ask questions, and soak in wisdom from our incredible line-up of speakers.

Who you will hear from:

Our program is not just business theory but a practical guide enriched by insights from industry leaders, including:

  • Leading Business Academics
  • Financial Institutions
  • Serial founder Emmie Faust who secured £200K funding from Dragons Den and grew a multi-million-pound business from scratch!
  • UK Angel Investors who are investing in all kinds of businesses
  • Venture Capital Investors from Leading UK firms

& more to be confirmed !


What you will learn:

The 6-week journey will be delivered through engaging weekly webinars, each focusing on a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship:

  • Ideas and opportunities – Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
  • Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values – Importance, strategy, and communication of a business venture
  • Building a business – Lean Canvas model
  • Sources of Financing: Bootstrapping and Customer Funding vs. External funding – road tests (John Mullins 7 Domains) Sales and Marketing for startups
  • Business skills and networking – challenging stereotypes and skills building

Empowering the Future:

The ‘Basics of Entrepreneurship’ program aims to provide invaluable insights for aspiring female founders, setting the stage for their journey to success. Participants will gain first-hand knowledge from founders who will share key pieces of advice, recount their initial steps, and highlight the realities of being a founder. This unique opportunity promises inspiration and practical guidance to empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

We understand the importance of making knowledge and mentorship accessible to all. This program is free for all to attend.

Save the Date:

Mark your calendars for the grand kick-off on the 22nd of January 2024.

Spread the word.

Share the sign-up link with individuals who identify as women, non-binary, or anyone interested in learning more about entrepreneurship. No prior business experience is required—just an eagerness to explore. Participants will gain insights from industry experts, build connections with like-minded peers, and pave the way for a diverse array of entrepreneurial aspirations

Sign up for the ‘Basics of Entrepreneurship’ program [here].

We will update you soon !