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Female Founders and Impact-led Businesses

Did you know that female-led firms achieve higher environmental, social and governance scores?

Higher ESG scores attest to the broader benefits female-led businesses can generate (see research).

There are literally thousands of impact-led businesses run by women and over the coming months, we will do our best to start highlighting some, starting today with a few…

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Female Founders and Impact – the Research

Source:  European Investment Bank. EBRD-EIB-World Bank Enterprise Survey for 2019.

Notes:  ESG composite scores are based on questions in the Enterprise Surveys, inspired by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. “Low” stands for firms with a negligible ESG score, while “medium” and “high” similarly represent firms’ ESG scores. The chart plots the average predicted value of the outcome of female-led firms on logit regressions on an indicator of interest, controlling for region, firm size, age and sector.

Erika Brodnock at Kinhub

Kinhub is the employee health and wellbeing platform that empowers working lives by supporting personal lives. Workplaces of today are suffering from poor retention, high levels of burnout, and a lack of diversity and inclusivity in their teams. This mass talent drain and absenteeism is costing employees and businesses alike. Stress-related illness alone costs UK employers more than £56 billion annually.

Half of the people who leave a company do so because of unhealthy work-life boundaries and of those women and people of colour are worst affected. 


Ira Guha at Asan

Asan is a social venture with a mission to eradicate period poverty across the world. By making the switch to the Asan cup, along with choosing sustainable and comfortable periods, you are also sponsoring a free Asan cup for someone in India who doesn’t have access to safe and high-quality period care. 

Asan’s 1-for-1 donations programme is an extensive programme that is bettering menstrual health for communities across India who are vulnerable to period poverty. 

According to Dasra, 23 million girls drop out of school every year in India due to a lack of menstrual hygiene management facilities in schools.

Dr. Dupe Burgess at Bloomful

Bloomful helps women access high-quality, personalised gynae care from the comfort of their homes. The current healthcare system was built on old models that fail to centre women. We bring science-led solutions to complex problems to redress this imbalance. Our goal is to improve the lives of millions of women by making gynae care accessible, affordable, and empowering.

Moving women from the margins to the centre of the healthcare system

Josephine Philips at SOJO

Making fashion circular through integrated, seamless, and scalable clothing alterations and repairs solutions. It was great to see the recent OOH campaign (Out of Home/Outdoor) showcasing their ads throughout London.

As well as spotting SOJO on the TV too.

SOJO is one of the “Worlds Best Repair Shops” according to the Financial Times

And let’s hear from some fellow BCorps…

Laura Harnett At Seep

Seep is a sustainable cleaning tool brand with a range of plastic-free sponges, cloths, and gloves that work brilliantly, better for the planet and look great.. founder Laura Harnett

I chose BCorp because I wanted to build a better business from the ground up with a strong ethical framework to guide us.

Elin at Better Nature Tempeh

Better Nature Tempeh is on a mission to get 500 million people to eat tempeh. It an all-natural, high-protein plant-based food that’s been around for hundreds of years. Elin Roberts is one of the co-founders.

We chose BCorp To demonstrate our commitment to the wellbeing of people and the planet and be held accountable for continuing to improve our ethical and environmental practices.

Sophie Bailey and Sally Page at WorkTripp (pending BCorp)

WorkTripp is the leading platform helping teams to plan, book, and measure offsites as part of their cycle of work 🔄 founded by Sally Page and Sophie Bailey

We chose BCorp as We want to build a future of work that is sustainable.

Check out their list of 8 amazing venues (including one of our faves Cabilla Cornwall | Team + Wellness Retreats). From mountain lodges to forest retreats to ignite your team spirit and create memories. 🏞️🌲

👋 And a few more to check out 👋

  • Ecosy Travel (pending BCorp) is a green travel community platform that’s using novel technology to reduce the climate impact of travel & tourism.
  • Talent Tent (pending BCorp) is a HR and Recruitment Consultancy for Startups.
  • HR-People First Consultancy | BCorp Helping to deliver your business strategy through your people!
  • Profit Impact Guides small and medium-sized businesses to understand and grow their impact.
  • Babbu (pending BCorp) – the UK’s first learning platform that not only supports your team in the first five years of parenthood but also supports thousands of families living in poverty to access high-quality Early Years education.
  • Prospela matches underserved young people to real employees for online career advice, inspiration, and action planning.

These women are not only creating impact and doing good but also delivering products and services that are much needed. Employing teams and generating growth for the economy 🙌

Female Founders Rise received our Pending BCorp a few weeks ago, which means we are on the journey to becoming a full BCorp in the next year.

We’ll be measuring our impact and ensuring that we align our business to deliver value to our members and the wider community. You can find out more about BCorp here 🌎