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FFR Event in Birmingham!

On 19th February, Female Founders Rise x Lloyds Bank Business & Commercial hosted the first FFR event in Birmingham, in x+why. Joined by a panel of founders hosted by Emmie Faust and Tara Attfield-Tomes of EAST VILLAGE.

Female Founder Attendee: “A really lovely, well considered event. There was a fab atmosphere, which is tricky to find at networking events, and the panels were brilliant.”

Female founders share their stories

The first panel of the event showcased three incredible women, who shared their entrepreneurial journeys. They reinforced that it is ok not to know how to create the things you have a vision for. Stick to your purpose, believe in yourself and you will find a way.

Rupert Lyle also joined the first panel and discussed the entrepreneurial mindset ,which is crucial for success. The second panel was Alexis Toft, Edward Hobbs, Rebekah Taitt and Emmie Faust who discussed the different funding support available within the local ecosystem at the FFR event in Birmingham.

Strong Leadership and Clear Vision

  • Tara Attfield-Tomes : strong leadership, a ‘north star’ vision for the region ensuring that sectors have the support to truly thrive, and creating a narrative that speaks to and engages different communities supporting female founders.
  • Rose Ovensehi: finding partners that believe in your vision and who are willing to go the extra mile for you and your company ; those who enjoy being involved will reciprocate mutual success and growth back to your business. ’Follow the Data’ to ensure better informed decision making and don’t be discouraged by competition, if you don’t have competition then you’re simply not doing it right!
  • Pamela Aculey: stepping out of your comfort zone to realise the possibilities available to you and emphasising that it’s you who create the things you want to see. Pushing forward your company through its various challenges requires going beyond familiar boundaries and being directive in your business journey.
  • Rupert Lyle shared that you are not only a founder but a CEO, and shareholder of your business, it is important to evaluate whether you are the right person to carry the company forward with a clear vision to navigate its highs and lows.

Partnerships ,Self-Belief and Personal Branding

‘Don’t get bogged down just because loads of people are doing the same thing as you – how many loaves of bread are out there?’
  • Leveraging networks for investment and fostering relationships are crucial for success.
  • Surlender Pendress’s mantra of perseverance, patience, and people provides a valuable guide for navigating the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Your “useless knowledge” could be someone else’s breakthrough. The investors didn’t just invest because they had a great product, they invested because they resonated with their story and their mission.
  • Seeking impartial advice from outside your industry can be beneficial. Surlender highlighted that a belief in one’s business and the ability to inspire confidence in stakeholders are essential for entrepreneurs, as exemplified by Jim Shirley of FundingHero and Vernon Hogg, an expert in investment readiness.

Support Services

Practical Support and Accelerators: Rebekah Taitt highlighted East Village’s diverse banking services, including loans and tailored financial solutions. Edward Hobbs discussed x+why’s investment opportunities for startups and established businesses. Alexis Toft mentioned practical support from universities, which offer accelerators with mentorship, industry access, funding guidance, and specialised resources for entrepreneurs.

Client Services and Inclusive Business Support: The event showcased the services provided by Lloyds Bank Business & Commercial, Claire Carr and Gemma Heath discussed the comprehensive support available such as working capital facilities. Kimberley Loudon’s endorsement highlighted Lloyds’ commitment to supporting inclusive businesses, with a focus on empowering and advancing female-led ventures through targeted financial assistance and inclusive support programs.

Speed Chats and making connections

Emmie gave everyone the modest goal of talking to six new people and it was great to see people making new connections. Check out more pictures and our wrap up from the FFR event in Birmingham.

A massive thank you to our supporters, Lloyds Bank Business & Commercial and East Village.