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LinkedIn 101 and Building Thought Leadership for Female Founders

Personal Branding on LinkedIn can be a game changer for founders who are looking to build authority, trust and awareness of themselves and their businesses.

In a recent masterclass on ‘Creating High Quality Content on LinkedIn,’ Emmie Faust and Daniel Markovits shared key learnings for Female Founders to improve their engagement on LinkedIn, which can provide access to growth opportunities.

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Elevating Your Presence on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn’s Evolution: LinkedIn offers a huge range of opportunities, connections, and business growth, going beyond its traditional role as a job-hunting platform. It is a space where individuals can share their expertise and connect with others in a more engaging and active manner.
  • Opportunities for Female Founders: For female founders, an active presence on LinkedIn can be a game-changer, providing opportunities for business growth, talent acquisition, partnerships, and investments.

The Three C’s:

  • Content – Your content should reflect your expertise, authenticity, and offer value to your audience.
  • Consistency is key to building a strong presence on LinkedIn; you don’t have to post every day, but regular engagement is vital.
  • Conversation – engage in meaningful conversations with your audience through your posts and comments. While the platform’s algorithm may seem like a black box, focusing on sparking conversation with a strong call-to-action can help you navigate it effectively.

Get Posting:

Emmie Faust, mentioned a phrase she had heard that she liked called Expert Blindness!

Essentially this is when you underestimate how much more you know about your area of expertise compared to others, and therefore we might not see the value in sharing that content. But actually we know a lot more than we realise.

  • Everyone has something to share:
    You don’t need to be a 10 out of 10; even being a 5 out of 10 in expertise can offer valuable insights to someone at a lower level.
  • Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back:
    From sharing your knowledge and expertise with your audience, this could be useful to someone within the community and network.

Creating Valuable Content:

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  • The first two lines of your post are the MOST important, lead with your most differentiated points.
  • Using emojis in posts visually engage the audience but using sparingly. Also ensure that you consider accessibility needs as this can impact the experience for founders with disabilities.


  • Ask yourself, What will your audience get if they read your post ?
  • Build Thought Leadership: Own your expertise and niche; making it shine. Sharing your knowledge alone is not enough. Think about adding your personal story or perspective to make it your own and maximise engagement. By doing this female founders can establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries.

Get Chatting:

  • Engagement is most important within the first 30 minutes of posting (to keep the algorithm happy). Encourage comments and conversation through relevant content and a strong call-to-action; ensure to reply to comments to boost engagement.
  • Share your day-to-day experiences as a founder to help others do their job better. Emphasise both successes and failures, as there is learning in both. This approach can help you connect with people who are looking to learn from your experiences.


  • Strategic Commenting can help you grow on LinkedIn. If you’re not confident in creating your own posts, start by commenting on other people’s posts who you have something in common with. Commenting on someone with a big audience can cause your comments to get amplified and engagement is increased.
  • Comments should be more than 5 words for maximum impact.

Here is an example of creating content and building your personal brand on LinkedIn: